They Wont Apologize for the Mess

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A contemporary fiction—with a dash of superstition and speculation—about tying the knot, untying the knot, and generally making a mess of things, while listening to a great soundtrack.

This is a novel of half truths: Across the Universe meets Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: “Once Upon a Time, Across Appalachia” if you will. Set in a region steeped in superstition, the lies begin with the tornadoes of 2012 and end with a sinkhole at the Corvette Museum. Kentucky wedding photographer, Story, stumbles from one near-miss to the next, disaster on her heels, just waiting for her bad luck to catch up to her. She’s a bad wife and a bad daughter. She’s even a bad female. In Appalachia, that’s a girl just asking for trouble.

At the heart of this big lie, is Story’s relationship with her mother and father: the latter, who raises his daughter to be strong and independent, while he depends on her mother; the former who raises her daughter to be kind and forgiving, yet harnesses the fear of God in her back pocket. Throw in addiction and religion, and Story is confused about who she is supposed to be, or what she is supposed to do. When she meets a musician named Hunter, the flood waters get even murkier.

This is a book about storytelling. As Story makes her own way across the Universe, she retells the events that lead her to the crossroads where her past and future converge. Will she take the middle road, riding the fine line between excess? Will she make a break for it, trading in her upbringing for whatever freedom she can get her hands on? Or will the earth open up and swallow her whole?

Fans of Andrew Sean Greer’s Less, will enjoy They Won’t Apologize for the Mess as they follow its main character through elaborate and hilarious schemes to run away from their problems. Fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love will appreciate this spin on the contemporary divorce story, for its focus on breaking gender roles, savoring sins and simply remembering to eat: a Love, Pray, Eat if you will.

a book for people who like playing DJ in the car, and also, for people who like when some one else plays DJ in the car

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An Excerpt

“There is a receiving line through my apartment, like after a wedding ceremony, but instead of a newly married couple, it is only me and my unhappy ending, which is funny because my name is Story.
My roommate, Ellie has turned our apartment into a chapel honoring the desecration of marriage—everything unholy is lifted with praise and blessed with wine. The party hats celebrate how much fun it is to have forsaken my vows. The penis-shaped wine-glass charms symbolize all the fornication I will commit guilt-free now that I am no longer tied down. Then there is my wedding cake sitting on the Formica countertop, awaiting its fate. The plan is to light it on fire or blow it up—whatever a group of drunk adults can manage to do in the parking lot before attention is drawn to it. It hasn’t done anything to deserve this: I am the hell-bound sinner”


Those who have received Advance Review Copies reviewed They Won’t Apologize For The Mess on Goodreads (Here). They have this to say:

“An irreverent, edgy love story, this book makes you care for the characters in an unexpected way. As much as you adore them, they can frustrate the hell out of you. They always redeem themselves, though, teaching you lovely things you already should have known.”


“I loved this book so much. The characters are so real and perfectly fleshed out. I found myself so invested in them, it made it difficult not to read the whole book in one go. Excellent story and clear, engaging voice.”

-Stephanie Parker

“I loved this book. The narrative is vulnerable, raw, and completely relatable. The voice is wholly unique although it reminds me of a grittier Kate Clayborn at times. You’ll be rooting for Story the whole while, but you’ll also want to just give her a hug.”

-Chas Hunt


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