Who is Xine Rose?

She’s a quiet, intense, and sometimes completely nonsensical writer. Her full-time obsession with writing began late in life (2019) when a fellow friend and writer invited (peer pressured) her into co-writing a fantasy novel, she never turned back. She has since published poetry, flash fiction, and nonfiction in various publications and is working on a third novel.

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Xine is an androgynous Appalachian: a closet wannabe-city-dweller who is sometimes private and sometimes emotionally slutty. She thinks the world feels like a wool sweater. It can be warm but it’s mostly itchy and shrinks if you wash it wrong. Writing helps her feel like she might fight her way out of that sweater, or at least learn to love it.

Yeah, but what has Xine done?

Her work can be found across time and under various names in Cake & Whiskey (here and here) and The Uncommon Grackle (here, here, here, and here), the Citron Review, The Screen Door Review Issue 14 and The Yearling Vol. 2, and Inkwell Journal No. 38 of Manhattanville MFA. She was an assistant poetry editor at Southland Alibi and editor of BarBar Literary Magazine.

She has written a contemporary fiction novel They Wont Apologize for the Mess. She *might* self-publish it this year.

She’s workshopping a novel about a young girl who is kidnapped as a toddler, runs away as a teen and then lives on the streets. It will likely get banned in Texas and Florida. She can’t wait to share it with you in secret underground markets.

She’s editing a screenplay about life after death in Appalachia. It’s filled with all the inappropriate politics and religion that shouldn’t she brought up at dinner, especially amongst the dead.

She’s writing a real-time novel that reads like a memoir (but is not true) about an author named Xine (just a coincidence) that sells her home in an inflated housing market and navigates the world as someone with six figures in the bank.

She’s co-writing a fantasy trilogy with a fellow author/friend about two friends who seek to save their city and its secrets while picking all the locks and sneaking into all the places they shouldn’t go. It’s a brain-child with shared custody, so the poor thing has to bounce back and forth between homes on an alternate weekend schedule.

On her wish list is a sassy Appalachia-set romance novel where characters tackle systematic failures and shortcomings of those in power, and the world lets mountain people be exactly as they want to be.

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Okay, how does Xine continue to write?

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