Category: Poetry

  • Presidential Campaign

    Since I am of age, here’s my campaign speech. Gawd, bless our country’s heart.

  • Algorithms

    I want to knowWhat your news feed knowsWhere you get lostAnd where your time goesWhere you loseyour mindAnd find your heartThe rhythm of your pulseThe stops and startsI want the algorithmsOf your soulSo I can knowThe places youNo longerEndlessly scrollAnd look upAt me

  • Sharp Curves

    There’s a sharp curve in the road, where I can’t not think of youThe first time I drove with you, you told me to be careful. My brother flipped his jeep there some years laterAnd I’ll always think of you when I think of how he’s still hereBut you’re goneYou passed quietlyCareful not to tell…

  • The Fall

    I felt it as soon as I stepped outside this morning.The crispness of the cold.The pumpkins.The dunking game.The funnel cakes.The derby exhaust.The chicken on a stick. I drove in the late morning sun, looking at each person in the cars I passed.“Do you feel it too?” I asked from my car.GodI feel so alive Why…